Will be away at Hong Kong starting in… 7 hours! Will be back mid-August. ^^

I’ll see if I can post there, if not, picture spam on Facebook. XD”

See you later~

Haha, I kinda took a 2-3 month hiatus without saying;; Sorry!

Lots of things happened.

But I have lots of work to do right now.
So all you’ll be getting is pics of my revamped computer room with shelves finally omg, and my AN loot. ^^” Title of this post expresses what I said after I realized how much stuff I bought lol;;

Room first! (and for anyone wondering, no this is not my bedroom)

Puchi nendos~ I bought the Luka and normal Miku from Cindy on Thursday before AN ❤
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Sorry for the late post. T___T Was busy with schoolwork and the weekend haha;;


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I missed a week of blogging. ;w;
There’s too much work to do right now, so don’t expect my MTAC post til Friday/Saturday/Sunday. ^^
MTAC was awesome though, because of all the people I met there! ❤

Til probably the weekend, Leafdust out~

I tried teppanyaki for the first time a few weeks ago with Ron, Tubby, Coco, and Celena. ^^ It was a fun experience.
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Mostly pictures. I like taking pictures. ^^

On the way to KBBQ~

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Haha, I’m resizing the photos from the meet and Teppanyaki still, so they’ll be up tomorrow. ^^” But settle with these cuties til then!

Found this at a mall yesterday for cheap! This version is cute, but unlike my other Miga, she has the red mittens! ❤ (I put the flag there lol)

As for the Olympics, I think that all the teams did well. I enjoyed watching them compete, especially the women’s figure skating. On Sunday I watched from 3 – 11pm, for the hockey game and closing ceremonies.  I totally pulled off finishing all my homework after 11 LOL.

This was actually the first Olympics I’ve watched (yes, really) and I’ve discovered that curling is interesting to watch. owo Hockey’s pretty awesome too~

Yes so anyways, on to the rest of the post!
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Ahhh too many assignments due this week/next week. So no proper post, sorry. ;w;

(I still need to get the DC meet post and Teppanyaki post up haha;;)

Hooray Canada! ♥

I’m waiting patiently for the anime~
I wonder how the story will work. I really like BRS, BGS, and Dead Master’s designs. ^_^ Huke’s art is so pretty.

I finally finished painting this! I want to try to make small mascot figures later if I have time at school… ^^

Happy Chinese New Year!
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